Booking A Taxi For Your Summer Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and if you plan to travel by plane, train or ferry to an onward destination, how do you go about getting to the airport, station or port? Going by taxi is a great idea, taxis offer a door-to-door service, drivers can help carry luggage, and they can work around your plans to ensure you are where you need to be and when, however, there are things to consider when you book up.

We all deserve to get away from it all, and unless you plan to take a driving holiday at home or abroad you are likely to need a lift somewhere along the line. Before you enjoy the sunshine of warmer climes think about how you can stay safe, secure, and have a hassle-free ride.

The Devil Is In The Detail
Make sure when you come to book your taxi you know all the details and you are ready with this information for the taxi company. The most important details which you will need at hand will of course be – your travel dates and your time of travel – think about how long the journey from your home will be, and the size of your luggage or the amount of bags that you will be travelling with.

Knowing Them, Knowing You
When you book your taxi, ask for the name of the driver and ask the company that they advise you should the driver change before pick-up. When your taxi arrives to pick you up, double check that the driver is who they say they are by asking for their name, legitimate taxis will have a driver’s ID prominently displayed in the vehicle so look out for this and ask them to confirm your name too.

Check The Taxi
Is the vehicle clean and well presented? If it is not, refuse to use it as a poorly maintained taxi could be a sign that it is not road worthy and that the driver is not professional in appearance or attitude.

Take Your Seat
If you are travelling alone and you are using a new taxi company, consider sitting directly behind the driver. This position in the vehicle will make it almost impossible for the driver to overpower you. Do not forget, if you feel ill at ease during your journey or before you get in, ask the driver to stop, or refuse to get in – pay them what they may be owed and find an alternative taxi.

Keys At The Ready
As your wonderful, happy holiday finally draws to a close and you approach your home with cherished holiday memories, remember to have your house key at the ready. By having your key or keys in your hand before you exit the taxi you avoid being outside of your house whilst you rummage in pockets, cases or handbags for your door key to get in which could leave you standing outside of your house vulnerable with your high-value possessions.

Black Cab Or Mini-Cab?

Generally you can hail a black cab in the street, while a mini-cab can only be used if you have pre-booked. Either cab will have extra licencing details on the rear to show the taxi is registered.

By Jacob White